The most beautiful beach and dunes in The Netherlands
Walkers and Nordic walkers can choose to walk 10.5 or 21.1 km and on one day or two days. The course for both distances takes you along the North Sea beach and the North Holland Dune Reserves. On the one hand you have the splendid nature reserve and the other a challenge to test your fitness against the powdery sand, the changing weather conditions and the undulating terrain.
Please note the tough course and several steps on the route make the Egmond Walking Marathon unsuitable for people with a disability and for pushchairs. Pets may only be taken on a leash. Everyone is expected to respect the nature around them and their fellow walkers.

In both the 10.5 km and the 21.1 km distances the north route takes you along the North Sea beach in a northerly direction. The 21.1 km walk leaves the beach at the Forestry Commission’s dunes in Schoorl. After going through the PWN North Holland Dune Reserves participants will enter the lovely little village of Bergen aan Zee. They then take the route, which follows the picturesque winding roads that are so typical in these dunes. This is also where the 10.5 km walkers have left the beach. Both routes finish in Egmond aan Zee, where everyone can enjoy the wide choice that the Egmond catering community has to offer.

The 21.1 km south route follows roughly the same route as the classic Egmond Half Marathon. The path of the 10.5 km walk goes first in a southerly direction along the beach and then through the dunes back to Egmond.
On the course arrows and lines mark the first route. Participants will be issued with a route map and information about the attractions along the way, when they receive their first validation stamp.

North Holland Dune Reserves
A large part of the Egmond Walking Marathon goes through the North Holland Dune Reserves. This North Holland Dune Reserve is biggest continuous nature reserve in The Netherlands. Dunes are rare in Europe. That denotes the international importance of the reserve. This area, in its present form, was formed during the last ten centuries. The dunes, the inner dunes and the polders are ideal for cyclists and walkers. The area is managed by PWN (North Holland Water Board). The PWN aims to preserve the original landscape, where it is still undamaged and intact. Events are therefore seldom held in the North Holland Dune Reserve. For the last 45 years Le Champion has been given exemption for the Egmond Walking Marathon and the Egmond Half Marathon. We hope to maintain this exceptional position as a result of the good behaviour of the participants of these events.