On Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 January 2024, the 19th edition of the Egmond Wandel Marathon will take place. The course of the three distances runs along the beach and through the Noordhollands Duinreservaat. Routes through a beautiful nature reserve that can also be a tough challenge due to the loose sand, changing weather conditions and rolling terrain.

New distance and renewed format
In addition to the familiar 10.5 and 21.1 km distances, a new 15 km route will be added this year. Also new is that in 2024 we will hike only the South route on Saturday and explore the surprising North route on Sunday. If you choose a weekend registration, you will walk the same distance on both days, but a different route. Would you like to walk two days, but a different distance on both days? Of course you can! Then choose two day registrations.

Saturday | South route

The South Route is for the 21.1 km roughly the same route as the running classic the NN Egmond Half Marathon, with the route first crossing the North Sea beach in a southerly direction. The 21.1 km leaves the beach in Bakkum and then goes past the Kennemer Duincamping through the dunes onto the Middenweg. Here the route meets up with the 10.5 km participants, who left the beach earlier. After that, the finish in Egmond aan Zee is reached via Egmond-Binnen. Both routes finish at Sporthal De Watertoren in Egmond aan Zee.

Sunday | North Route

The North Route will take you north along the North Sea beach on both the 10.5, 15 and 21.1 km, with the 21.1 km leaving the beach at the State Forestry Commission's Schoorl Dunes. After entering PWN's Noordhollands Duinreservaat, participants will visit the cozy village of Bergen aan Zee, after which they will continue the route along the picturesque winding roads of this dune area. It is also this area where the runners of the 10.5 km also left the beach.
North Holland Dune Reserve
A big part of the Egmond Wandel Marathon course runs through the Noordhollands Duinreservaat. The Noordhollands Duinreservaat is one of the biggest contiguous nature reserves in the Netherlands. Dunes are scarce in Europe. This immediately sketches the international value of the reserve. This area originated in its present form over the past ten centuries. The dunes, but also the inner dune edge and the polders, are very attractive for cyclists and walkers. The area is managed by PWN. The aim of PWN is to preserve the original landscape, where it’s still intact. Events are therefore rarely held in the Noordhollands Duinreservaat. Le Champion has built an exceptional position for the Egmond Wandel Marathon and the NN Egmond Halve Marathon in the previous 43 years. We hope to maintain that position through the good behavior of the participants in these events.
Walking safe
During our events, we as an organization want to create the safest possible road situation for participants and other road users. That’s why it’s important to all to show the same walking behavior. We ask you to walk on the right as much as possible during our events. This allows us to avoid ambiguity on routes that aren’t completely closed to walkers.

Please note: the Egmond Wandel Marathon isn’t suitable for disabled people and strollers due to the difficult course and a few stairs on the course. Walking a dog is only possible if it’s on a leash. In addition, everyone is asked to be respectful with nature (throw waste in the bins!) and with your fellow participants.